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Say and Play in a FUN way with an OT and SLP!

Our summer camp focuses on engaging our youth through functional play in a group setting to promote social skills, language development and fine and gross motor skills.  Integrating the sensory systems through movement  has proven to support the brain (improves attention and concentration) and mood.

Camp Dates:
July 4th - July 20th, 2023

July 25th - August 10th, 2023


Our 3-week camp runs every Tuesday and Thursday with 2 time slots to choose from:

9:00 am to 11:00 am

12:30 pm to 2:30 pm

Cost: $420 

Minimum 6 children to run. Maximum 10 children per group
**Update: We currently have more than 6 registrants in the July 4 - July 20th camp, so it is officially running! 

Sneak peek at our camps:


Week 1: Engaging our Vestibular senses: Activities that support body and self-awareness within a predefined space. Working on socially appropriate behaviours and conversation skills during games (turn taking, how to lose and win, providing support to peers).

Week 2: Engaging our Proprioceptive senses: The perception of joint & body movement without visual input.  Works with vestibular systems to keep posture upright, develop balance & react when posture is challenged (postural reflexes).  Communication that focuses on use of prepositions and perspective taking games to encourage use of descriptive words. 

Week 3: Engaging our auditory and tactile senses:  Activities that incorporate dimensions of sounds and pitch and touch through playing with various textures (playdough, macaroni and rice bins and making slime)! Articulating speech sounds through songs will also be explored! 
Learning to take leadership roles and follow multiple stage instructions are key components in this last module.

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