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Say and Play with an OT and SLP this Summer!


 Choose July 16th - August 1st, 2024

OR August 6th - 22nd, 2024

Ages 4+
Time: 12:30-2:30 pm (Tuesday/Thursday)

Cost: $450.00

 Registration deadline: July 6, 2024

Scroll down to fill out an Inquiry Form and we will contact you to register!


We are a children’s Summer Camp located in Downtown Edmonton.


Our camp is geared towards children with significant social, speech, language, or movement needs.


Our mission is to help children grow their potential through functional play in a group setting to practice life skills. 

Did you know that by integrating the 8 sensory systems through movement has proven to support the brain (improves attention and concentration) and elevate mood!


We're thrilled to offer a summer program focused on fun and therapeutic play, guiding youth to develop social and communication skills while enhancing fine and gross motor skills in a group environment.

During camp, we focus on improving social skills through meaningful communication, both verbal and non-verbal. We use games to teach turn-taking, coping with winning and losing, understanding perspectives, and exploring emotions through role-playing.



Camp Schedule:


Week 1: Engaging our Vestibular and visual senses: Activities that support body and self-awareness, and visual motor coordination.

Week 2: Engaging our Proprioceptive senses: The perception of joint & body movement without visual input.  Works with vestibular systems to keep posture upright, develop balance & react when posture is challenged (postural reflexes). 

Week 3: Engaging visual, auditory and tactile senses:  Activities that incorporate dimensions of sounds and pitch and touch through playing with various textures!

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2024 Camp Inquiry
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